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docker image for lxr server

之前曾經發過一篇文章LXR Server With Multiple Projects,主要介紹如何在 Ubuntu 上面安裝 lxr 並且支援多個 projects。由於整個 lxr 的安裝過程複雜,除了本體外還牽扯到不少第三方程式套件,如 perl, database, www server,且大部份都是安裝完畢後就再也不會更動,唯一的更動應該就是更換要被 indexing 的 project而已。

LXR Server With Multiple Projects

In this article, I will write down a example to descrip how to setup the LXR(Linux Cross Reference) with multiple projects support. In this configuration, your can view multiple projects' refernce in one LXR service.