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[Container Network Interface] Bridge Network In Docker

The most import feature of the container is the resource isolation, including the mount, network, user, UTC and PID. that's the reason why we can't see those resources status of the host. The resources isolation are supported by the Linux Kernel and we will demostrate the networking part by the network namespace and also show you how does the docekr use the network namespace and Linux Bridge to proivde the network connectivity for each container.

[Container Network Interface] CNI Introduction

Container Network Interface (CNI) as a Network Interface between the network soluition and the container mechanism. Without the CNI, the network solution developer should implement his/her plugin for every container environment and it must be a disaster. Fortunately, with the help of the CNI, the developer can only focus on one interface and it should work for every container mechanism. In this post, we will see why we need the CNI, what is CNI and how kubernetes use the CNI to provide the network connectiviy for the computing unit, so called Pod.

[Container Network Interface] Implement Your CNI In Golang

As we know, the kubernetes use the CNI to provide the network connectivity for its Pod unit and the cluster administrator can choose what kind of the CNI should be installed in the cluster. For example, if the only requirement is the overlay network, you can choose the flannel CNI and choose the calico CNI if you have the requirement of the BGP. In this post, we will learn how to write your own CNI in golang language. Actually, You can implement it with any language as you like.

docker image for lxr server

之前曾經發過一篇文章LXR Server With Multiple Projects,主要介紹如何在 Ubuntu 上面安裝 lxr 並且支援多個 projects。由於整個 lxr 的安裝過程複雜,除了本體外還牽扯到不少第三方程式套件,如 perl, database, www server,且大部份都是安裝完畢後就再也不會更動,唯一的更動應該就是更換要被 indexing 的 project而已。

LXR Server With Multiple Projects

In this article, I will write down a example to descrip how to setup the LXR(Linux Cross Reference) with multiple projects support. In this configuration, your can view multiple projects' refernce in one LXR service.

OVS + DPDK + Docker 共同玩耍

本文介紹了一種將 Contaienr 創建於 OpenvSwitch 與 DPDK 整合的網路拓墣下所遇到的連線問題。開頭先闡述了拓墣架構以及相關的軟體版本,接者介紹是如何搭建起整個測試環境,並且在測試環境中遇到了網路連線的問題,眾多的測試組合中,卻只有一種組合能夠正常的在 Container 間建立起能夠傳輸的 TCP 連線。最後透過 AB 測試的方法歸納出一些會造成問題出現的環境。

使用 Travis CI 為你的 Kubernetes 應用程式打造自動化測試

這篇文章的主軸其實非常簡單,目標是希望為開發者的 Kubernetes 應用程式提供更強健的自動化測試流程,確保該應用程式在開發上能夠與 Kubernetes 緊密結合。為了確保程式品質,我們都會在開發的過程中撰寫一些單元測試/整合測試來確保開發的功能能夠正常運作。 特別是當有新功能的開發或是臭蟲修復時不會對舊有的功能造成損毀。 這個理念看起來非常合理,但是當應用程式一旦與 Kubernetes 結合的時候,這個理念到底好不好實現?